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Let Us Represent Your Nonprofit

Attorney Jeff Fromknecht is available to provide outside counsel to your nonprofit on an as-needed basis. Side Project offers a low bono sliding fee scale for organizations with annual revenue less than $1,000,000.00 and less than five (5) staff. Our fees and packages are customized to each project and are primarily based on the organization's revenue and complexity. Please note that our programs have limited availability and there may be a wait list.


Side Project’s Managing Attorney, Jeff Fromknecht provides outside counsel to nonprofits on an as-needed basis. He is available on-demand for legal, compliance and operational questions from executive staff and members of the Board of Directors.  This program has limited availability. To apply for this program or to learn more please schedule a free consultation.

Creating a nonprofit corporation requires more than just filing paperwork with the state. In addition to the many legal and regulatory challenges, nonprofit founders are also developing programs and creating fundraising strategies.  Organizations that are advancing social change and social justice are eligible for our low bono Nonprofit Start-Up package, which includes guidance through the nonprofit incorporation and tax exemption process.


Lawyers for Nonprofits has been advising the nonprofit organization on a variety of Tax Law matters. We work with a variety of tax-exempt entities, including 501(c)(3) public charities and private foundations, 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations, and other 501(c)s, such as social clubs and athletic clubs.  Our counsel includes advising nonprofits on tax matters related to social enterprises, unrelated business income, joint ventures with for-profits, legislative and grassroots advocacy, reinstatement of tax-exempt status exempt status, and mitigation of fines and penalties.


Fundraising activities of nonprofit organizations are regulated by state law. Many states have charitable solicitation laws that require nonprofits to register with the state before the nonprofit or professional solicits any donations. We provide a comprehensive charitable solicitation registration solution for small to medium size nonprofit organizations that fundraise in more than one state.


Most state's nonprofit corporation law require nonprofit organization's to adhere to a variety of corporate formalities, including having a Board of Directors, having regular Board meetings, keeping minutes of meetings, and adopting bylaws and other policies and procedures that guide the organizations work. We help organizations stay compliant. This includes reviewing corporate procedures, updating bylaws, conflict of interest policies and other corporate policies.


Nonprofit organizations are always changing, and even the best strategic plan cannot predict the future. Succession planning is critical for nonprofit organizations, especially for organizations that are run by their founders. We help proactive Board of Directors plan for contingencies due to death, disability, or departure of key staff members, including the Executive Director, CEO, or founder.  In the event these organizations face an untimely vacancy, these organizations have a plan in place to facilitate transition to either interim or long-term leadership change.


Nothing lasts forever, and unfortunately, nonprofits do close down.  This process is called dissolution and winding up of the organizations and involves a complex mix of state and Federal filing requirements.  In most cases, the nonprofit must file for and receive clearances from state taxing bodies and, in some cases, the state attorney general. We help manage this process for the Board of Directors by creating a Plan of Dissolution and managing all of the filing requirements. 

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