Small nonprofits operate big ideas on small budgets - they fill critical gaps in services for our most vulnerable neighbors. Side Project, Inc, a 501(c)(3) public charity that operates Lawyers for Nonprofits, builds capacity at these small and start-up organizations by providing legal, compliance, and operational support. This includes local Meet with a Lawyer Days, The Nonprofit Legal Hotline for small and start-up nonprofits, and our On-Demand General Counsel.

Your donation will enable us to provide these services at no cost to participating nonprofit organizations.



Lawyers for Nonprofits is always looking for experienced attorneys to offer their time and advice to local nonprofits. Interpreting statutory and regulatory compliance issues is second nature to many lawyers, and their skill sets will easily transfer to supporting a nonprofit organization.

We also host educational programs for nonprofit organizations both on location and via zoom. This includes our BYOB nights.  “Bring Your Own Bylaws'' is a meet-with-a-lawyer-style event where a representative of a nonprofit organization can bring their bylaws (or other nonprofit-related question) to discuss with a volunteer attorney.

Volunteering your pro bono hours to an organization creates a ripple effect in the community. It allows that organization to dedicate more time, talent, and treasure to its mission and the people it is supporting. It also instills confidence in the organization’s Board of Directors, staff, and stakeholders that the organization is operating in compliance with all of the rules and regulations governing its work. This helps the organization secure more donations and resources, which allows the organization to help even more people.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact us today.

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