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Everything you need to get your nonprofit off the ground.

Creating a nonprofit corporation requires more than just filing paperwork with the state. In addition to the many legal and regulatory challenges, nonprofit founders are also developing programs and creating fundraising strategies.  Organizations that are advancing social change and social justice are eligible for our low bono Nonprofit Start-Up package, which includes guidance through the nonprofit incorporation and tax exemption process.

There are many steps in starting a new nonprofit. We help with:​

  1. Drafting Articles of Incorporation,

  2. Drafting Corporate Bylaws,

  3. Drafting of Corporate Policies & Procedures, including Conflict of Interest policies, Executive Compensation policies, Financial Control policies, and more,

  4. Completion of IRS Application 1023 (for 501(c)(3) status),

  5. Compliance with State Charitable Solicitation Laws, and

  6. Obtaining state sales tax and property tax exemptions (if applicable).

Do you need help starting your nonprofit? Complete this application to see if your organization qualifies for our low-bono Nonprofit Start-Up Package. Fees are based on the size, scope, and complexity of the organization. 

Thanks for applying. Our team will follow-up within 7 days. 

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